Monday, January 17, 2011

Wounded Hurt ..

i'm not pretty ,
and i'm not always bright ,
i fall down a lots ,
and run into doors..
People laugh at me ,
and i used not to care ,
why ? because i had you !
but , then you left me for someone who is gorgeous and smart ,
someone who never trips ,
and always stand up straight and fall ..
People love her ,
and she's the center of attentions ..
and she has you !
i'm jealous but nothing i can do ..
i cry all i want but it wont do any good ..
You want someone who is perfect ,
and that is something that i can never be ..
So i'll sit at the corner choking back tears ..
watching you with her ..
As happy as can be ..
but i'll always love you ..
and perhaps you'll see that she's not perfect to you ..
Thats me .. :-((

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