Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Striving Love ..

 ♥  The magic of first true love is as painful when it's over,
but  do you know the sweetest part of it?
It's when you learn to cry, to let go, to be strong
and to be wise..
and when you love again, you'll know how to keep it.
this time longer.
or even

♥  Someday, we'll forgot the pains, who caused the tears
and why we cried,
we would finally realize that the secret of being free is not
revenge but letting things unfold in their ways and 
that life is simply a blank book.
After all, what matters is not the 1st but the last chapter
which shows how well we ran the race.
so smile, laugh forgive and love over and over again 
keep dreaming, keep loving!!

♥  If you want happiness don't walk together with your past..
it maybe unforgettable but the reality is,
past is just a lesson.

♥  No one could actually say that you deserve better
coz the best thing that you deserve will always be
your choice

♥  Sometimes you'll never know the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory

♥  Before you comfort someone who had been hurt 
know the story behind
coz sometimes
they deserve what they got

♥  Erasing someone in your mind is easy,
nut removing someone in your heart is another story

♥  Letting go of someone you really love can be the biggest mistake in your life,
remember: Once you pour a glass of water in the ocean,
you'll never get the same water again

♥  There's no problem in choosing
the problem is how you handle the consequence
of your choice

♥ When the heart is willing to love,
it will find thousand ways,
but id the heart is unwilling
it will find a thousand of excuses

♥  There are things you can't see but you choose to believe
reasons you have but you can't explain
mistakes u can't bring yourself to regret
and a love so questionable but you still choose to fight for

♥  Sometimes loving could really be so painful and difficult
but its amazing to know that 
no matter how hard it is
loving someone is still the simplest reason
why you always find yourself complete

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