Friday, January 14, 2011

Sad Love Poem ..

You tell me that you love me ,
You tell me that you wont leave me ,
But you turn around and do it anyways ..

Now i'm crying my heart out ,
Hoping you would hear me ,
But you just ignore mypainful cry ..

Each and everyday passes by ,
I fake a smile to the world ,
But underneith my smile ,
Is my broken heart ..

All the good memory you gave me ,
Is all i have left you ,
But it slowly fading away ,
As time goes everyday ,
But will i get over you ?

Dark Love Poem ..

 Bury me deep inside your heart ,
And hide me in the dark ,
Don't let in the light ,
Never let me go ,
Hold me tight ,
Don't ever let me go away ,
Please be with me and stay ,
I want to be buried in your heart ,
Yet it's so dark,
Even though you love to hate ,
I feel as if this is fate ,
Please love me as i do you ,
Please make make only dream come true ,
I sleep in silience ,
I dream in darkness ,
Just hold me tight ,
Keep me away from the light ,
Bury me in the dark ,
Inside of your heart ..

Moonless Night..

Before you , my life was like a moonless night ,.
Very dark and there were stars ; point of light and reason .
Then you shot across my sky like a meteor.
Suddenly , everything was on fire ,
there was brilliancy ,
there was beauty .

When you were gone ,
when the meteor had over fallen the horizon ,
everything when black .

Nothing had change ,
but my eyes were blinded by the light .
I couldn't see the stars anymore ,
and there was no more reason for anything ..

Love Quote..

You wont be his first ,
his last , or his only ,
He's loved before ,
he will love again but ,
if he loves you now what else matters ?

He's not perfect and ,
neither are you and the two of you will never be perfect ,
but if he makes you laugh ,
at least once causes you to think twice,
and admits to being human ,
and making mistake .. 

Hold on to him ,
and gives him all you've got ,
He is not going to quote poetry ,
he is not going to be thinking about you every moment ,
but he will give you apart of him ,
that he knows you can break ..

Don't hurt him ,
don't change him ,
don't expect to much from him ,
Smile when he makes you happy ,
cry when he makes you sad ,
and miss him when he's not there ..

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